Robotics/Cobotics Technology Deployment

Cobotics Technology Deployment Interactive Training Programme

40 learning hours over 5 days (50% theory 50% hands on practical application

Dates: tbc

Cost: €995 (cost includes 40% Cobotics Skillnet funding)

Location: Robotics and Drives Services Limited, Unit4 Block B, Forest Park, Mullingar Business Park Mullingar, Co. Westmeath


Industrial automation will enable your organisation to realise greater savings, increase your competitiveness and keep pace with international standards, yet it is not always easy to understand what the technology can do for you, or how it might be deployed.

This is a five-day course which will prepare the learner to identify suitable cobotics projects in their own organisation and follows on from the introductory programme provided.

Days 1 and 2 cover introductory content which involves a practical hands-on approach which introduces you to cobotics technology. In addition, the learner will gain the following skills and knowledge for days 3-5, the other 3 days will be more practical and will be focused with more complex programming activities & artificial visioning.

  • Identify the processes in their own organisation which are suitable for cobotic automation by:
  • Understanding the variables which impact cobotic deployment (task, weight, field, sector etc.)
  • Developing more in depth understanding of safety issues in cobotic deployment
  • Visiting a demonstrator site where robots and cobots have been deployed to learn from other organisations.
  • Further develop the learner’s ability and insight into potential efficiencies to be gained from cobotics
  • Demonstrating additional niche cases where technology has been deployed
  • Providing a technology trajectory of where the technology is going in the short, medium and long term
  • Participating in an ‘Innovation Lab’ where concepts and ideas are discussed and considered by robotics experts and industry learners
  • Participation in a hands-on exercise to test a suitable idea or concept the group has developed using software and hardware in the training suite

Places are limited. For further information or to book a place on this course, please contact Dermot O’Neill at 0872363762 or at