The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education Ireland (FAME Ireland) is an education programme that creates a pipeline of highly-skilled workers.. Anchored by a global-best 2 year Advanced Manufacturing Technician Level 7 Degree Programme, it includes built-in, seamless pathways to higher education as part of a career oriented hop-on/hop-off life long learning journey. The 24-month Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) programme gives you hands-on classroom and work experience with leading manufacturers. The goal is to produce true global-best, most ready to work graduates, most ready to perform workers, in the world!



• Electricity

• Fluid Power

• Mechanics

• Fabrication (machining/welding)

• Automation

• Robotics

Lean Learning (5 courses)

• Safety Culture 

• Visual Workplace Organization (5S)

• Lean Principles & Practices for Technology 

• 8-step Problem Solving

• Machine Reliability

Professional Behaviours (soft skills)

• Interpersonal Relationships

• Teamwork

• Communication

• Organisation

• Time Management

• Productivity

• Social Media Ethics  

• Professional Presentation 

Programme Summary

• 2-year/5 straight semester programme

• First Summer (full-time at employer), then …

• Autumn->Spring->Summer->Autumn->Spring

• 3 days paid work at sponsor per week, plus …

• 2 full education days at the training centre per week

• 2 calendar years’ experience in a high tech
operation prior to graduation

• Advanced Manufacturing Technician Level 7 Ordinary Degree

Sample FAME Participating Employers include