Cobotics Skillnet

Cobotics Skillnet – Driving Cobotic innovation and expertise through knowledge transfer and experiential learning
Irish Centre for Excellence in Robotic Technology (ICERT) is the promoting organisation.
The Cobotics Skillnet was formed to protect the international competitiveness of Irish businesses and to support job growth by spreading the uptake of robotic and automation technologies.

What we are

  • Enterprise led training network, with a cross sectoral focus.
  • National in reach, we support the advancement of Cobotics, Artificial Intelligence and Technology in Industry
  • Co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies


The Cobotics Skillnet targets industries which provide economic impact of scale, namely; Fintech, Logistics, Healthcare. Retail and Manufacturing.

Our Aim

Our aim is to remove barriers to job creation, job retention and competitiveness by boosting Irish ‘robotic density’.

What we aim to achieve

  • Grow the Irish robotics industry by increasing the number of Irish businesses using robots and provide training to both industry and graduates;
  • Act as a national skillnet for robotic innovation by building a much needed robotic and automation infrastructure which will enable technology transfer to industry;
  • Deliver training in robotics to SMEs, MNCs and international organisation through the Cobotics Skillnet, new robotics Apprenticeships and CPD training;

Our Objectives are

  • Build a cohesive Cobotics cluster of collaborative companies
  • Develop and promote cost effective, certified and non-certified development programmes that facilitate knowledge transfer through effective delivery mechanisms, match organisational needs and be experiential focused.
  • Organise best practices visits to facilitate the knowledge sharing process
  • De-mystify & de-risk future technologies
  • Tackle Skills shortages across current and future technologies
  • Remove barriers to job creation, retention and competitiveness by boosting Ireland’s Robotics/‘Cobotic density
  • Jobs growth and economic impact by spreading the uptake of Cobotics, Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies
  • Deliver multiple learning transfer formats that facilitates developmental leaning opportunities